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From:Chris Frey Date:March 4 2005 6:52am
Subject:[patch] gcc 3.4.x compile patch
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Hi there,

This patch was in the last set, but it was no in version 1.7.30, so either
it was dropped due to sheer ugliness (which I would understand) :-)  or
it was just overlooked.

This does make a compilation difference in pedantic mode on gcc 3.4.x,
at least with my tests, so it's not just a nicety fix.

I've seen the "this->" construction used in other inline code as well
(not just in mysql++) so I'm partly wondering if it's a C++ thing I
don't understand, or just a gcc bug.

Accept or trash at will,
- Chris

diff -u software/mysql++/lib/compare.h:1.5 software/mysql++/lib/compare.h:1.6
--- software/mysql++/lib/compare.h:1.5	Thu Mar  3 23:44:20 2005
+++ software/mysql++/lib/compare.h	Fri Mar  4 01:39:10 2005
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
   MysqlCmpCStr(uint i, const BinaryPred &f, const char* c) : MysqlCmp<BinaryPred,
const char *> (i,f,c) {}
   bool operator () (const Row& cmp1) const 
     {return MysqlCmp<BinaryPred, const char*>::func(
-			MysqlCmp<BinaryPred, const char*>::cmp2, cmp1[index]);}
+			MysqlCmp<BinaryPred, const char*>::cmp2, cmp1[this->index]);}
 //: A special function for using in find_if function where i is the field index number.

[patch] gcc 3.4.x compile patchChris Frey4 Mar
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