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From:Warren Young Date:March 1 2005 6:13am
Subject:Pickings from the Wishlist
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I just got done doing a big MySQL++ release, but there is much left to 
be done.  Chris Frey and I don't want to be the only contributors.

I've gone through the Wishlist to find those that should be relatively 
easy to implement.  These are perfect for a relatively inexperienced 
user looking for a way to give something back to the community:

     o Thread support should be optional.  Just because the local system
       supports threads doesn't mean it should be required.  Make this a
       configure script flag.

     o Fold SQLQuery class into Query?  The only reason for the
       separation goes back to the dream of having MySQL++ be database-

     o Is any specific Unicode support needed in MySQL++?  If not, at
       least we should consider adding an example to demonstrate what you
       have to do to use the existing features.

     o Some way to skip building examples.  Particularly useful when
       building RPM, but not useful when building library as a developer,
       since building examples is a simple test of the library.  Some
       ideas in this thread on the automake mailing list:

     o custom2 and custom3 are broken under VC++.  Find out why.  It may
       be related to the ostringstream conversion of the query classes.
       These two are the only SSQLS examples that update the database.
       Is that significant?

     o 64-bit integer support is not heavily tested.  It may yet have

     o Visual C++ project files should build a DLL version of the library
       only, for LGPL reasons.

     o MinGW can't build a DLL for MySQL++.  It has to do with the file
       reorganization in 1.7.20: if you move everything from to
       a new row2.h file and include it in a few strategic locations, it
       works.  But, this is a bogus fix.  Find the right one.

Please submit any patches as unified diffs.  (diff -u)  Thanks.
Pickings from the WishlistWarren Young1 Mar