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From:Warren Young Date:March 1 2005 6:04am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.30
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The "Power of Round Numbers" release:

     o bootstrap script now accepts a 'pedantic' argument, which sets a
       bunch of CFLAGS that make g++ very picky about the code it
       accepts without warnings.

     o Fixed a bunch of things that generated warnings with g++ in
       pedantic mode. Only two warnings remain, having to do with
       floating point comparisons.  (See Wishlist for plans on how to
       deal with these.)  Thanks to Chris Frey for this patch.

     o Split long tests out of into M4 files in new config
       subdir.  This makes easier to read.

     o Added preliminary thread support.  Currently, this just means that
       we detect the required compiler and linker thread flags, and link
       against the proper thread-safe libraries.  THERE MAY BE

     o Standard C++ exceptions are the default now.  Old pre-Standard
       exception stuff removed.

     o Row::lookup_by_name() will throw the new BadFieldName exception if
       you pass an bad field name.  Thanks for this patch to Chris Frey.

     o Row::operator[] will throw a Standard C++ out of bounds exception
       by way of std::vector::at() if you pass it a bad index.  Thanks
       for this patch to Chris Frey.

     o Setting Connection::is_connected flag to false on close().
       Previously, is_connected() would continue to return true after
       close() was called.

     o All number-to-string conversion ctors in SQLString class now use
       ostringstream to do the conversion.  Previously, we used
       snprintf(), which isn't available on all systems.  Also, we used a
       C99 format specifier for the "long long" conversion, which is also
       not available on all systems.  This new ostringstream code should
       be platform-independent, finally.

This is a very big release.  Careful testing should be done before 
rolling this into production.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.30Warren Young1 Mar