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From:He HongFu Date:February 26 2005 12:51am
Subject:Re: Re: How to write backup application for MySQL?
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Hi, Warren Young, 

Thanks. But can I use libmysqlclient in a commercial application? (What is the license?).

And from the MySQL reference manual of C API. I cannot find any hint about how to back up MySql(Fully or incrementally).

        He HongFu

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>He HongFu wrote:
>> I want to write a backup application which want to provide a plugin
>> to back up and restore MySQL database. Does MySQL++ provides a way to
>> implement it? As far as I known, users always uses the built-in tools
>> of MySQL mysqldump, mysqlhotcopy to implement the backup job. But I
>> want to use built-in APIs to implement it directly. Is it possible?
>MySQL++ is just a C++ wrapper around the regular C APIs.  It provides no
>special access to the internals of MySQL.  Anything you can do with
>MySQL++, you can also do with libmysqlclient.
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