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From:Rongjun Mu Date:February 23 2005 1:24pm
Subject:potential bugs?
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I am very new to mysql++. These may be or may be not bug, just my points 
of views.

1. the return value of 'mysql_init' is not checked. Maybe a "out of
memory" exception?

2. when some operation fails because of lock(), throw BadQuery(error())
may throw a null string because this is not a real MySQL error.
	if (lock()) {
		if (throw_excptns)
			throw BadQuery(error());

3. where is Query::lock() ?

4. return ResUse(mysql_use_result(&mysql), this); in Connection::use.
If mysql_use_result(&mysql) fails, successive call ResUse::fetch_row
will throw a "Results not fetched" but actually it was fetched, but failed.

Thank you.

potential bugs?Rongjun Mu23 Feb
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