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From:Xavier Wallece Date:July 18 2000 7:39pm
Subject:mysql_connect_db not working during compilation
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I am currently trying to get de mysql++ api working, I have installed mysql
in /mysql the mysql++api is in /mysql/include/mysql (Needed to change a few
Makefile files and I could not get the examples working so I removed the
dir) but the make install for sqlplusplus was woring perfectly. When I try
to execute a simple script that opens a connection with the db and then
closses it it says Undifined .... mysql_init, mysql_real_connect and
mysql_close. Now to my knowing mysql.h shude solve this problem. To complile
I use the following command:

g++ -I/mysql/include/mysql -L/mysql/libs/mysql -o client.exe client.c

The following file client.c needs to be compiled:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <mysql.h>
//#include <sqlplus.hh>

#define def_host_name "localhost"	/* host to connect to (default =
localhost) */
#define def_user_name "mysql"	/*user name (default = your login name) */
#define def_password "123456789"	/* password (default = none) */
#define def_db_name "database"	/*database to use (default = none) */

MYSQL *conn;			/* pointer to connection handler */

int main (int argc, char *argv[] )
conn = mysql_init(NULL);
mysql_real_connect (
conn,			/* pointer to connection handler */
def_host_name,		/* host to connect to */
def_user_name,		/* user name*/
def_password,		/* password */
def_db_name,		/* database to use */
0,			/* port (use default) */
NULL,			/* socket (use default) */
0);			/* flags (none) */

mysql_close (conn);

What am I doing wrong?

Xavier Wallece

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mysql_connect_db not working during compilationXavier Wallece18 Jul