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From:Earl Miles Date:February 7 2005 4:50pm
Subject:Re: Threads in MySQL++
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Tim Murison wrote:
> Hi all,
> First off, I'm new to multi-threaded programming, so please go easy on
> me!
> I am experiencing some odd problems when increasing load on a
> multi-threaded server. The problem looks like the server going into
> deadlock, but I don't think that is possible.
> I want to be able to have multiple readers, one writer style DB access
> using mysql++. Currently I create a connection per thread, and protect
> the queries with a pthread_rwlock_t. Obviously, only write queries get
> solo access, read queries have to share.
> I have read that other users have had success with multi-threaded
> access, but it is not clear to me whether they have been able to achieve
> multiple readers, one writer access.
> Thanks in advance...
> -Tim

I've had success in using mysql++ with threads under Redhat Linux.

1) One Connection Object per thread. Anything else and I just get 
2) You have to link using -mysqlclient_r instead of -lmysqlclient to 
ensure you get the thread-safe mysql library.
3) You have to modify MySQL++'s makefile or to ensure
you get a thread-safe MySQL++ library. This varies per platform and per 
compiler, so it's difficult to actually fix properly for the 
distribution. Me, I just go into the Makefile and add -pthread to the 
gcc options (which is what's required under most linux distributions for 

I have had success using 3 threads -- 1 that does read/write and 2 that 
write exclusively to one table each (that the other threads do not write 

Almost all of the problems I have run into have been primarily related 
to memory allocation in the gcc STL implementation, and step 2 is
what fixed that for me.

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