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From:Warren Young Date:February 7 2005 1:05pm
Subject:Re: Threads in MySQL++
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Tim Murison wrote:
> I have read that other users have had success with multi-threaded
> access, but it is not clear to me whether they have been able to achieve
> multiple readers, one writer access.

It would help if we knew your platform and compiler....

For instance, I believe a known problem w.r.t. threads is that you need 
to add specific compiler flags and libraries on some platforms in order 
to get a thread-safe program.  On some systems, for instance, you get a 
different C/C++ run time library when compiling with different flags.

I haven't seen anything in the MySQL++ build process that addresses any 
of this.  Since my programs are single-threaded, I'm not personally 
motivated to try and fix it, or even to investigate whether it's 
actually a problem.  Patches thoughtfully considered.
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