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From:Tim Murison Date:February 7 2005 6:25am
Subject:Threads in MySQL++
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Hi all,

First off, I'm new to multi-threaded programming, so please go easy on

I am experiencing some odd problems when increasing load on a
multi-threaded server. The problem looks like the server going into
deadlock, but I don't think that is possible.

I want to be able to have multiple readers, one writer style DB access
using mysql++. Currently I create a connection per thread, and protect
the queries with a pthread_rwlock_t. Obviously, only write queries get
solo access, read queries have to share.

I have read that other users have had success with multi-threaded
access, but it is not clear to me whether they have been able to achieve
multiple readers, one writer access.

Thanks in advance...


Threads in MySQL++Tim Murison7 Feb
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