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From:Warren Young Date:February 4 2005 6:54pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.28
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Very few will care about this release, but here it is anyway:

     o --with-mysql* flags to configure script now try the given
       directory explicitly, and only if that fails do they try
       variations, like tacking '/lib' and such onto it to try and find
       the MySQL includes and libraries.  Thanks to Matthew Walton for
       the patch.

     o Finally removed sql_quote.h's dependence on custom.h, by moving
       the one definition it needed from custom.h to deps.h.  This will
       help portability to compilers that can't handle the SSQLS macros,
       by making that part of the library truly optional.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.28Warren Young4 Feb