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From:Zahroof Mohamed Date:January 16 2005 4:25am
Subject:Problem linking multiple files with MySQLpp dll
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I'm using MingW on Win2K. Mysql++ 1.7.23. Using MingW Developer Studio
for creating projects and as a programming IDE.

Created a number of projects with a single header and source file and
linked it to the MySQLpp dll without any problem. However, when I
create a project with more than one set of header and source files, I
have the following link errors. Would greatly appreciate it if you
could provide some pointers.

C:\Zahroof\EAZ\Flow_Entrance\Debug\GradContract.o(.text+0x116): In
function `ZNK7mysqlpp3RowixEj':
C:\Zahroof\Libraries\mysql++-1.7.23\lib\row2.h:14: multiple definition
of `mysqlpp::Row::operator[](unsigned int) const'
first defined here
C:\Zahroof\EAZ\Flow_Entrance\Debug\GradContract.o(.text+0x296): In
function `ZNK7mysqlpp3Row14lookup_by_nameEPKc':
C:\Zahroof\Libraries\mysql++-1.7.23\lib\row2.h:23: multiple definition
of `mysqlpp::Row::lookup_by_name(char const*) const'
first defined here
C:\Zahroof\EAZ\Flow_Entrance\Debug\GradContract.o(.text+0x100): In
function `ZNK7mysqlpp3Row4sizeEv':
C:\Zahroof\Libraries\mysql++-1.7.23\lib\row2.h:9: multiple definition
of `mysqlpp::Row::size() const'
\Libraries\mysql++-1.7.23\lib\row2.h:9: first defined here
Creating library file: C:\Zahroof\EAZ\Flow_Entrance\Debug\libFlow_Entrance.dll.a
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Flow_Entrance.dll - 6 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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