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From:Warren Young Date:December 31 2004 8:54pm
Subject:Re: MySQL++ installation
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Scott J. Pearson wrote:
> I am trying to install MySQL++ and am running into several difficulties. I
> am using a pre-compiled version of MySQL, downloaded from because
> the RPMs had difficulty installing under CygWin. I ran:
>    ./configure --with-mysql=<...>/mysql-standard-4.1.8-pc-linux-i686/

Um, perhaps you missed this part on the main page: "Cygwin is 
not a way to run native linux apps on Windows."

>  First, in connection.cpp, mysql_shutdown
> strangely had too few parameters, 

This is no doubt because the autoconf test that checks for this 
parameter assumes that you have a working mysql installation on your 
system.  Lacking that, it misinterprets the results of the test.
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