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From:Giles Anderson Date:December 30 2004 6:06pm
Subject:Re: Getting examples to work
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Sorry for the delayed response.

> A wild possibility is that, because the fc2 binaries were built on a
> system with MySQL 4.0.20 installed, the MySQL++ library is showing that
> version.  To test this possibility, rebulid the library from source and
> see if the result changes.  If it does, I'd be interested to know.

It does. I have built the 1.72 SRC RPM and dbinfo reports: -

MySQL version: 3.23.58

and no errors.

> > MySQL-shared-3.23.58-1
> I'm curious, what does "rpm -ql MySQL-shared |grep lib" say?

rpm -ql MySQL-shared |grep lib

Just a small comment but the README file has disappeared from examples.

It's quite useful for us beginners.

Thanks for the help

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