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From:Dovid Kopel Date:December 21 2004 5:24pm
Subject:Re: Dynamic SQL Structures
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I already looked into that. I've tried to do this.


void munky::getFieldInfo(string table_name)
	int numFields = getNumFields(table_name);
	Query query = con.query();
     query << "SELECT * FROM " << table_name;
	Result res =;

     cout << "Query Info:\n";

     for (int i = 0; i < numFields; i++) {
       cout << setw(2)  << i
            << setw(15) << res.names(i).c_str()
         // this is the name of the field
            << setw(15) << res.types(i).sql_name()
         // this is the SQL identifier name
         // Result::types(unsigned int) returns a mysql_type_info which 
in many
         // ways is like type_info except that it has additional sql type
         // information in it. (with one of the methods being sql_name())
            << setw(20) << res.types(i).name()
         // this is the C++ identifier name which most closely resembles
         // the sql name (its is implementation defined and often not 
very readable)
            << endl;

     cout << endl;

This code outputs:

Query Info:
0 id             INT NOT NULL   i
1 year           INT NULL       N7mysqlpp4NullIiNS_10NullisNullEEE
2 color          BLOB NULL      N7mysqlpp4NullISsNS_10NullisNullEEE

id = "1" = "1"
year = "" = ""
color = "purp" = "purp"

My first question is, why is color (which is a 'text') being seen as a 
blob? Secondly, why would id (which is an int(11)) print but year (which 
is an int(4)) not print. I'd be happy to help you debug. I'm at college 
so I don't think I can give you shell. I will however be happy to assist 
  where I can.

-Dovid Kopel

Warren Young wrote:

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