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From:Thomas Werth Date:December 20 2004 7:12am
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.26
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I'm getting linker errors using 1.7.26 under vc net 2003.
Even when buildung samples.
Linker complains about SQLString. I guess outside "the lib" missing 
definitions in headers could cause that.
Anyone else getting this problems ?

Warren Young schrieb:
>     o Moved all of the SQLString definitions out of the header and into
>       a new .cpp file, reformatted it all, and made the integer
>       conversion functions use snprintf() or _snprintf() instead of
>       sprintf().  Also, widened some of the buffers for 64-bit systems.
>     o Using quoted #include form for internal library headers, to avoid
>       some problems with file name clashes.  (The headers should still
>       be installed in their own separate directory for best results,
>       however.)  Thanks to Chris Frey and Evan Wies for the patch and
>       the discussion that lead to it.
>     o Removed unnecessary semicolons on namespace block closures.
>       Thanks to Evan Wies for this patch.
>     o Fixed namespace handling in the legacy headers mysql++.hh and
>       sqlplus.hh.  Thanks to Chris Frey for this patch.
>     o #including iostream instead of ostream in lib/null.h for
>       broader C++ compatibility.  (This may allow MySQL++ to work on GCC
>       2.95.2 again, but this is unconfirmed.)
>     o Detecting proper mysql_shutdown() argument handling automatically
>       in platform.h for the Windows compiler case instead of making the
>       user edit the file.  Thanks to Evan Wies for this patch.
>     o Fixed examples/Makefile.simple to use new *.cpp file naming.
>     o Fix to Gentoo ebuild file's exception configure switch handling.
>       Thanks to Chris Frey for this patch.
>     o Rebuilding lib/custom*.h intelligently now, to avoid unnecessary
>       recompiles after running bootstrap script.
> As always, it is available at

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