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From:Warren Young Date:December 18 2004 12:36am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.26
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     o Moved all of the SQLString definitions out of the header and into
       a new .cpp file, reformatted it all, and made the integer
       conversion functions use snprintf() or _snprintf() instead of
       sprintf().  Also, widened some of the buffers for 64-bit systems.

     o Using quoted #include form for internal library headers, to avoid
       some problems with file name clashes.  (The headers should still
       be installed in their own separate directory for best results,
       however.)  Thanks to Chris Frey and Evan Wies for the patch and
       the discussion that lead to it.

     o Removed unnecessary semicolons on namespace block closures.
       Thanks to Evan Wies for this patch.

     o Fixed namespace handling in the legacy headers mysql++.hh and
       sqlplus.hh.  Thanks to Chris Frey for this patch.

     o #including iostream instead of ostream in lib/null.h for
       broader C++ compatibility.  (This may allow MySQL++ to work on GCC
       2.95.2 again, but this is unconfirmed.)

     o Detecting proper mysql_shutdown() argument handling automatically
       in platform.h for the Windows compiler case instead of making the
       user edit the file.  Thanks to Evan Wies for this patch.

     o Fixed examples/Makefile.simple to use new *.cpp file naming.

     o Fix to Gentoo ebuild file's exception configure switch handling.
       Thanks to Chris Frey for this patch.

     o Rebuilding lib/custom*.h intelligently now, to avoid unnecessary
       recompiles after running bootstrap script.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.26Warren Young18 Dec
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