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From:Warren Young Date:December 16 2004 9:31am
Subject:Re: escaping, quoting, and nulls
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Chris Frey wrote:

> If someone convinces me, I'm not
> against switching, but it should be good. :-)

query.insert(my_record) is a pretty good reason, to me.  :)

For what it's worth, I only use these SSQLS structures for dealing with 
the database, and that is isolated within a database access library. 
All the rest of my code uses a parallel set of C++ classes with more 
functionality.  Code to translate between the two type systems is within 
the database library.  It sounds like a lot of work to maintain this, 
but it really isn't.  It makes a lot of sense given the history of this 
program, which has been through a few database system transitions in the 

> Currently I'm kluding things with a custom manipulator like:
> 	q << "SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE USERID = " << sqlquote(UserID);

There's already a true quote manipulator in MySQL++, called 'quote'. 
There are also escape manipulators and others; see manip.h.  To use it, 
you say:

	q << "mumble mumble " << quote << UserID;
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