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From:Warren Young Date:December 15 2004 12:35am
Subject:Re: glibc detected double free or corruption
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Fabio.DAndria@stripped wrote:
> Result CDatabase::ReturnQuery(string query)

It would be more efficient to pass the string as a const reference.  As 
it is, you are copying the string object when calling this function, 
which isn't necessary.

>                 //executes a query and returns a resultset back
>                 Query myQuery = myConn.query();
>                 myQuery.reset();

You only have to reset the query object when trying to reuse it.  A 
newly-created query object is alredy reset.

>                 //executes the query
>                 Result myResult =;
>                 return myResult;

Again, an unnecessary copy here.  Just say "return;"

>         catch (BadQuery er)

Another unnecessary copy.  You can almost always catch exceptions by 

As for the rest of your code, please reduce it to a simpler example. 
I'm not going to work my way through your threading code just to get to 
the MySQL++ issue underneath, if any.
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