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From:Warren Young Date:December 14 2004 1:58am
Subject:Re: gcc 2.96
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Mark Staggs wrote:

> Apparently gcc 2.96 can't find <ostream> but does find <ostream.h>.  I
> just added some macros to determine this.  

Sadly, this isn't practical.  The first problem is that your macros get 
declared in config.h, which _must not_ be used outside the library. 
Imagine the havoc if we -- and every other autoconf-based package -- 
installed config.h in the system include directories!

You might think that you could just forward-declare ostream in the 
header and #include the right header in null.cpp (if it existed), but 
one cannot forward-declare templates, which ostream is in Standard C++:

I'm going to have to cogitate on this to see if there is a clean solution.

By the way, your patch included diffs for the generated files configure 
and  Don't do that.  :)  Only the patch was 
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