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From:Steve Roberts Date:December 10 2004 12:50am
Subject:1.7.24 and script
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I pulled down 1.7.24 today in order to try it out in my
environment...turns out that the script is still not right.
$MYSQL_lib_check is being set to $with_mysql/<path> rather than
$with_mysql_lib/<path> and $MYSQL_inc_check is being set to
$with_mysql/<path> instead of $with_mysql_inc/<path>.

I can provide another diff for you but the changes are really pretty
straightforward (and contained in the previous diff I submitted).

I'm working around it by using --with_mysql which actually works for me
anyway and is probably preferred for my application at this point; just
pointing out that the patch didn't quite get applied as I expected it


Steve Roberts
Senior Software Engineer
F5 Networks, Inc.

1.7.24 and scriptSteve Roberts10 Dec
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