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From:Warren Young Date:December 9 2004 11:47pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.24
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J Robinson wrote:

> when ./configuring mysqlpp-1.7.24 on OSX, at one point
> ./configure says:
> "checking whether  accepts -g... no"
> bug?

If it's a bug, it's in the autotools somewhere.  If you have the 
autotools installed, try saying "./bootstrap", and see if you get a 
different configure result.  This re-generates the configure script, all 
the Makefiles, etc.

> Also, comprehensive mysqlpp HTML and PDF docs (other
> than in the tarball) would be cool.

I'm confused about the HTML part.  Yes, the docs are in the tarball... 
where else do you expect them?

As for PDF, "Patches Thoughtfully Considered".  The documentation is 
built on some TeX-related system, I believe, so you should be able to 
get it to emit PDF.  I haven't touched the docs yet, so I have no idea 
what exactly is involved, but I do know TeX to PDF is straightforward.
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