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From:Warren Young Date:December 9 2004 3:12am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.24
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Mostly a cosmetic release:

     o Fixed the --with-mysql-lib and --with-mysql-include flags'
       behavior, and extended their search ability to handle one other
       common case.  (Fixed by Steve Roberts)

     o Fixes to put freestanding functions in namespace mysqlpp.  (They
       weren't in the namespace, while all the class member functions
       were.)  This required bumping the ABI version number to 4.

     o Renamed set module to myset, to avoid conflicts with Standard C++
       Library's set.h when MySQL++ headers were installed into one of
       the standard system include directories.

     o Renamed all the idempotency guards to make them consistent in
       style and unique to MySQL++.

     o Reformatted all of lib/*.cc.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.24Warren Young9 Dec
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