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From:Warren Young Date:November 29 2004 4:04pm
Subject:Re: Proper use of MySQL++ objects
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Verfranc Raganas wrote:
> I really don't know exactly what you mean.  

There's nothing that protects libmysqlclient from your code making 
system calls like close() on one of libmysqlclient's sockets.  Both sets 
of code are running in the same thread, and so get file descriptors from 
the same pool.  That's the only reason why I can think that your socket 
code would interact with libmysqlclient's socket code.

> Do you want me to post the steps?  

I doubt it will help.  This sounds like a very specific issue to your 
code.  You'd have to post the whole thing and then convince someone to 
spend hours staring at it to get an answer on it.

If it helps, I use MySQL++ routinely in programs that use BSD sockets 
separate from the ones libmysqlclient uses to communicate with mysqld.
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