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From:Graham FORSYTH Date:November 22 2004 12:08pm
Subject:MySql++ API for VS 2002 (7.0)
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This article is great, I have spent about 3 days looking for how to use the mySQL++ API
and then hit this article.
But I have some questions.

My Problem (Extract from the article):-
Once you've downloaded MySQL++, it's extremely easy to include MySQL support into your
applications. Extract the zip file to c:\mysql++. Copy c:\mysql++\mysql\lib\libmySQL.dll
to c:\winnt\system32 and create a new console application in Visual C++. Click the Project
-> Settings menu and go to the C/C++ tab. Choose the preprocessor category and add the
following line to the additional include directories text box:


Click OK. Lastly, right click on the resource files node and add

I have downloaded the file mysql++1.7.21.tar form the mySQL++ Download website.

When I unzip this file it contains a MS VS 7.1 project source code.

My question is where can I get these files as I can't build this project as I have MS VS
7.0 on my PC. 

I have searched many web pages and FAQ's but still can't find a 'Get You Started' guide or
a way to build this library using VS 2002 (7.0)

Many thanks,

PS I need to stay at VS2002 due to other s/w items.

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