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From:Verfranc Raganas Date:November 21 2004 9:55pm
Subject:Re: Proper use of MySQL++ objects
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To clarify the bug that bugged me.

Before the bug, I am using 1.7.9 in a Fedora Core 1. I was also using 
STLport and I made a class which is using Connection object to connect to 
MySQL.  Then I run the query select * from table.  Then I have a code that 
dumps all the rows (and all the fields) in a queue.  The run was successfull 
until i changed the code in getting the rows.  Instead of all the fields, 
only some fields is needed, which can be done using 
row["fieldname"].c_str().  The worst thing is that there was nothing to 
catch (exception) from the bug.  My Program is simply killed in every run.  
My program is a server daemon.

I updated from 1.7.9 to 1.7.22.  The good thing with the update is that I 
was catching bad query exception.  The bad thing is that the bug now starts 
in the instantiation of the Connection class.  I thought that STLport might 
not go well with MySQL++, so I took it out and use the g++ std.  It was 
still the same - problem not solved.

I updated from 1.7.22 to 1.7.23.  Still no luck!

I struggled :(.  Finally I found out that when I do the instantiation of the 
Connection class after the instantiation (or creation) of my Socket Listener 
class, everything went into glory :).

Thanks for the replies.

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