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From:Warren Young Date:November 21 2004 12:01am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.23
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Example program improvments, 64-bit integer support simplified, MinGW 
fixes, and a big Query::reset() fix!

1.7.23, 2004.11.20

     o Query::reset() now empties the stored query string.  If you
       subsequently stored a longer query in the object, you'd overwrite
       the previous query, but otherwise the longer part of the previous
       one would stick out past the new query.

     o We now look to the NO_LONG_LONGS macro only to decide whether to
       fake 64-bit integer support using 32-bit integers.

     o 64-bit integer support under Visual C++ may be working now, using
       that platform's __int64_t type.  This has not been tested.

     o Removed 64-bit integer support for Codewarrior on Mac OS 9 and
       earlier.  OS X uses GCC, so it requires no special support.

     o Added MinGW detection in platform.h.

     o If you pass a flag (-X) to the examples that take the standard
       parameters (resetdb, simple1, etc.), it prints a usage message.

     o Better error handling in resetdb example, where errors are the
       most critical.  (If that one runs without errors, the others
       probably will, too, and you have to run that one first.)

     o resetdb now reports success, rather than succeeding silently.

     o Removed the code in sample1 example that duplicated util module's
       print_stock_table(), and called that function instead.

     o Moved the preview() calls in the example programs to before the
       query execution calls, because execution modifies the query.

     o All examples that take the standard command line parameters now
       exit when connect_to_db() fails in one of the ways that don't
       throw an exception, rather than bulling onward until the next
       MySQL database call fails because the connection isn't up.

     o dbinfo example now takes the standard command line parameters.

     o Much better output formatting in dbinfo example.

     o Calling reset() where appropriate in the various example programs.
       Before, the programs may have worked, but not for the right
       reason.  This lead some people to believe that calling reset()
       was not necessary.

     o Fixed an incorrect use of row["string"] in complic1 example.

     o Lots of code style improvements to the examples.

     o Some VC++ type warnings squished.  Some remain.

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.23Warren Young21 Nov