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From:Warren Young Date:November 20 2004 11:10pm
Subject:Re: Getting examples to work
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Giles Anderson wrote:

> Error: MySQL server has gone away
 > Segmentation fault

This is probably due to poor error handling in that example.  The fixes 
in 1.7.23 (coming soon) may or may not fix it, but at least it should be 
clearer what is going on.

> test
> Error: Query was empty 1065
> Segmentation fault

This may be fixed by the Query::reset() fix, also part of 1.7.23.

> I am curious about the version information dbinfo outputs because my package 
> list is: -

dbinfo is printing the result of mysql_get_client_info(), which "Returns 
a string that represents the client library version.", according to the 
MySQL manual.  If it says 4.0.20, then I would guess you're linking to 
libmysqlclient from MySQL 4.0.20.

A wild possibility is that, because the fc2 binaries were built on a 
system with MySQL 4.0.20 installed, the MySQL++ library is showing that 
version.  To test this possibility, rebulid the library from source and 
see if the result changes.  If it does, I'd be interested to know.

> MySQL-shared-3.23.58-1

I'm curious, what does "rpm -ql MySQL-shared |grep lib" say?

> 1) Upgrade all MySQL packages to 4.x as I think you suggest?

If you must use 3.23 for some reason, you should rebuild MySQL++ from 
source, either using the tarball or by rebuilding binary RPMs from the SRPM.
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