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From:cgifalco Date:November 20 2004 8:06pm
Subject:Segmentation fault
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Hello mysql++ gurus,

all examples in the version 1.7.22 don't work. For example in the 
program  there is a code

        for (unsigned int i = 0; i < res.names().size(); i++) {
            cout << setw(2) << i
                    // this is the name of the field
                    << setw(15) << res.names(i).c_str()
                    // this is the SQL identifier name
                    // Result::types(unsigned int) returns a 
mysql_type_info which in many
                    // ways is like type_info except that it has 
additional sql type
                    // information in it. (with one of the methods being 
                    << setw(15) << res.types(i).sql_name()
                    // this is the C++ identifier name which most 
closely resembles
                    // the sql name (its is implementation defined and 
often not very readable)
                    << setw(20) << res.types(i).name()
                    << endl;

Crytical are res.types(i).sql_name() and res.types(i).name() which 
issues the message
Segmentation fault.

Thank you for a help

P.S. The Segmentation fault is also in the

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