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From:Warren Young Date:November 19 2004 1:04pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: RELEASE: v1.7.21
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Zahroof Mohamed wrote:

>>       $ man diff

That's telling you to drop to a Bourne shell prompt (bash), and say 'man 
diff', which pulls up the manual page on the diff command on a Unixy system.

> I'm assuming that the command creates some
> kind of file with only the differences? 

Yes, in a format that's both human- and machine-parseable.  The human 
can quickly look it over for a sanity check, then feed it to the patch 
program to apply the changes automatically.

> Is it available on the Windows
> 2000 environment? 

It may be available under MinGW, but I wouldn't know.  I only use 
Cygwin, where all the common Unix commands like diff do exist.

> I'm not familiar with all the Unixy commands or tools.

Time to learn.  :)  Unix is 35 years old and it's still going strong. 
Even Microsoft admits it: they now give away their Cygwin-like "Services 
for Unix" system with Windows 2003 Server.

All the other platforms come and go, but Unix abides.

> You're right. I modified platform.h and uncommented the line there and
> everything works alright. 

If you give me a patch that makes platform.h do the right thing on 
MinGW, you don't have to make that change again next time you upgrade 

>  I don't have the time to to delve
> into too many things that take away from my main work. many hours have you spent debugging problems that would have 
been avoided if you'd just used the Unixy build system?
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