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From:Verfranc Raganas Date:November 18 2004 10:18pm
Subject:Proper use of MySQL++ objects
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Which is safer :

1. mysqlpp::Connection con(mysqlpp::use_exceptions);

2. Connection* con=0;

I'm using Fedora Core 1 and I encountered problems in using the #2 
statement.  I read similar problems posted in the net, but I am hoping that 
I will get a more concrete answer from the author of  MySQL++.  I think #1 
statement is safer to avoid thread related problems.  By the way, I'm 
wrapping the MySQL++ objects in my custom made application shared library.   
My application is single-threaded, but other libraries may be 
multi-threaded.  So my plan is to use #1 statement instead of #2 statement 
since my application is single-threaded.

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