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From:Zahroof Mohamed Date:November 18 2004 6:33pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: RELEASE: v1.7.21
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On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 18:18:46 -0700, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Zahroof Mohamed wrote:
> > I cannot use it as a dll
> You'll want to figure out how to fix that if you're going to release
> your program under a non-GPL license.  MySQL++ is LGPL, so you have to
> dynamically link to it if you want to keep your code proprietary.

Please refer to my other mail message in the release 1.7.22 thread.

> > I had to make the following mods to the files in 1.7.21:
> Next time, send me a unified diff of your changes.
>        $ man diff
> It makes it easier to apply the changes automatically (with patch(1)),
> and it makes for less typing for you.  ;)

Sorry to show my ignorance. I'm not a programmer, so I have no idea
what you are talking about. I'm assuming that the command creates some
kind of file with only the differences? Is it available on the Windows
2000 environment? I'm not familiar with all the Unixy commands or

> >   bool suc = !(mysql_shutdown(&mysql, SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT));  // line
> > 100. The  comma after &mysql was missing and I added SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT
> The comma is missing on purpose.  Look at the top of to
> see how SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT is variously defined.
> I think the problem is that you're not using the configure script, and
> you've also neutered platform.h.  You either need to use configure and
> set up platform.h to #include config.h on your system, which will define
> HAVE_MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_LEVEL_ARG when necessary, or you need to set up
> platform.h to optionally define that macro.  Study platform.h and you'll
> see what I mean.
> Personally, I think you should be using configure, since you're on a
> nominally Unixy platform.  If you are, and HAVE_MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_LEVEL_ARG
> still isn't being defined correctly, that's where you need to direct
> your debugging efforts.

You're right. I modified platform.h and uncommented the line there and
everything works alright. I don't use the config script - I loaded
MSYS tools that is supposed to allow you access to a number of Unix
development tools - but I haven't figured out how to use it correctly
as yet. Like all of you, I'm sure, I don't have the time to to delve
into too many things that take away from my main work.

> > By the way, when I did all this and ran my test app, I could reuse my
> > old query object by query.reset() as Chris Frey had mentioned in a
> > previous mail.
> I guess a buglet was quietly squished in recent releases.

When I use the dll built from release 1.7.17 I cannot use the query
object more than once even if I reset it. However, it works fine with
1.7.22Mod. Both of these were dll's built with GCC 3.4.2.

Best regards,
Zahroof Mohamed
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