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From:Zahroof Mohamed Date:November 18 2004 6:22pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.22
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I've been trying to get a dll that would work with my test app from
this release. Quick recap: Win 2K, GCC 3.4.2, MySQL 4.1.4-gamma.
Linker kept bombing out saying that the vallist in class Row could not
be imported. Read documentation on ld --enable-auto-import.

Did that. Tried all the suggestions. Didn't work. Finally, I went back
to the MySQL++ 1.7.17 that did allow me to create a working dll and
compared it to the new release. Finally figured out a fix. If I
renamed the to row2.h and then include row2.h where it was
needed - mysql++.h and , everything works fine again. Am
not sure why - haven't had the time to investigate it further as I'm
not a programmer and I'm only playing with this because I decided to
use MySQL for my engineering analysis project.

Please could you implement this in a release version? Or fix the code
so that I don't have this dll problem that was created because of
rewriting the rowx.hh codes. Sorry, don't have the depth of knowledge
in C++ to figure it out myself at this point in time.


On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:11:02 -0700, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> It's the "a little help from my friends" release:
> 1.7.22, 2004.11.17
>     o Applied patches by Zahroof Mohammed to allow it to build under GCC
>       3.4.2.  Tested on MinGW and Fedora Core 3 systems.
>     o Removed all the forward declarations in defs.h, and added
>       forward declarations where necessary in individual header files.
>       #including defs.h in fewer locations as a result.
>     o Legacy headers sqlplus.hh and mysql++.hh now declare they are
>       using namespace mysqlpp, to allow old code to compile against the
>       new library without changes.
>     o Removed query_reset parameter from several class Query member
>       functions.  In the implementation, these parameters were always
>       overridden!  No sense pretending that we pay attention to these
>       parameters.  This changes the ABI version to 3.
>     o #including custom.h in sql_query.h's necessary on GCC
>       3.4.
>     o bootstrap script runs lib/ after configure.  This is
>       just a nicety for those running in 'maintainer mode'.
> As always, it is available at
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