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From:Warren Young Date:November 18 2004 2:11am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.22
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It's the "a little help from my friends" release:

1.7.22, 2004.11.17

     o Applied patches by Zahroof Mohammed to allow it to build under GCC
       3.4.2.  Tested on MinGW and Fedora Core 3 systems.

     o Removed all the forward declarations in defs.h, and added
       forward declarations where necessary in individual header files.
       #including defs.h in fewer locations as a result.

     o Legacy headers sqlplus.hh and mysql++.hh now declare they are
       using namespace mysqlpp, to allow old code to compile against the
       new library without changes.

     o Removed query_reset parameter from several class Query member
       functions.  In the implementation, these parameters were always
       overridden!  No sense pretending that we pay attention to these
       parameters.  This changes the ABI version to 3.

     o #including custom.h in sql_query.h's necessary on GCC

     o bootstrap script runs lib/ after configure.  This is
       just a nicety for those running in 'maintainer mode'.

As always, it is available at
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