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From:Warren Young Date:November 18 2004 1:18am
Subject:Re: Fwd: RELEASE: v1.7.21
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Zahroof Mohamed wrote:

> I cannot use it as a dll 

You'll want to figure out how to fix that if you're going to release 
your program under a non-GPL license.  MySQL++ is LGPL, so you have to 
dynamically link to it if you want to keep your code proprietary.

> I had to make the following mods to the files in 1.7.21:

Next time, send me a unified diff of your changes.

	$ man diff

It makes it easier to apply the changes automatically (with patch(1)), 
and it makes for less typing for you.  ;)

> in connection.h, 
> // #include <query.h>   // I commented out this line
> ...
> ...
> namespace mysqlpp{
> class Query;               // added this line

Okay, bag goes over head now.  I was sure I tried that myself and it 
didn't work....

>   bool suc = !(mysql_shutdown(&mysql, SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT));  // line
> 100. The  comma after &mysql was missing and I added SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT

The comma is missing on purpose.  Look at the top of to 
see how SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT is variously defined.

I think the problem is that you're not using the configure script, and 
you've also neutered platform.h.  You either need to use configure and 
set up platform.h to #include config.h on your system, which will define 
HAVE_MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_LEVEL_ARG when necessary, or you need to set up 
platform.h to optionally define that macro.  Study platform.h and you'll 
see what I mean.

Personally, I think you should be using configure, since you're on a 
nominally Unixy platform.  If you are, and HAVE_MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_LEVEL_ARG 
still isn't being defined correctly, that's where you need to direct 
your debugging efforts.

> In compare.h:
> ...
> ...
>   bool operator () (const Row& cmp1) const 
>     {return MysqlCmp<BinaryPred, const char*>::func(
> 			MysqlCmp<BinaryPred, const char*>::cmp2, cmp1[this->index]);}
> // this->index is required. Explained in GCC documentation on Name look up

Thank you.

> By the way, when I did all this and ran my test app, I could reuse my
> old query object by query.reset() as Chris Frey had mentioned in a
> previous mail.

I guess a buglet was quietly squished in recent releases.

> Now if someone could point me to the __enable-auto-import
> documentation, I would be extremely grateful.

I imagine the best bet would be the MinGW mailiing list.
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