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From:Earl Miles Date:November 17 2004 7:22pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.20
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By the way, thank you *very* much for these changes. The include files 
are so much less confusing now. I was starting to doubt my own 
comprehension abilities reading the older headers, but now it seems to 
read like normal code again.

Warren Young wrote:
>     o While doing the previous change, broke several circular
>       dependencies.  (The numbered file scheme was probably partly done
>       to avoid this problem.)  The practical upshot of most of these
>       changes is that some functions are no longer inline.

Would it be worth it to specifically declare these functions inline? The 
compiler will probably ignore it anyway, but it seems worthwhile.
>     o mysql++.hh still exists.  It emits a compiler warning that the
>       file is obsolete, then it #includes mysql++.h for you.

This file should possibly declare 'using namespace mysqlpp' in order to 
conform to the obsolete standard.
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