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From:Richard Stelling Date:November 16 2004 6:55pm
Subject:Re: examples problem
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On Nov 16, 2004, at 17:50, Warren Young wrote:

> Richard Stelling wrote:
>> My installation of MySQL++ 1.7.21 went fine, but when I came to  
>> compiling the examples I encountered a problem.
> Why do you describe the installation of the library as separate from 
> compiling the examples?  I assume you are building the library from 
> the tarball, where running 'make' at the top level builds the library 
> and then the examples.  You don't install the library between the two 
> steps.

Ah, yes, sorry. I copied the simple1 header and source files to an 
Xcode project, however, trying to run the samples built when building 
the library gives the same message.

> Aha, a MacOS X system, then.  Nobody has yet reported success (or 
> failure, for that matter) on this platform.
> libtool should handle the library linking issues for you here.  If you 
> are building the library correctly, the only thing I can suggest is to 
> maybe search the archives on the libtool mailing list to see if this 
> sort of problem is common on OS X still.  Maybe upgrading X Tools or 
> just the autotools suite will fix the problem.

I'm using Xcode 1.5 but I'll have a look for updated autotools etc.


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