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From:Warren Young Date:November 16 2004 5:40pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.21
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Zahroof Mohamed wrote:
> I've been using the GCC 3.4.2 for some time now with MingW Studio on
> Windows 2000. Because of the circular dependancy between Connection
> and Query, I could not use 1.7.21. 

Are you saying that an earlier version of MySQL++ worked with GCC 3.4.2, 
or that your switch to GCC 3.4.2 broke all MySQL++ versions?  If the 
former, please be explicit about which version worked.

 > Any new ideas on how to fix this problem?

My only idea is the brute force one: break the API and ABI.  I'm waiting 
for someone to come up with a better idea.  It's been a week since I 
solicited opinions, and nothing useful has come up yet.

> In the header file compare1.hh, in the declaration  of class
> MysqlcprCStr, line 29, index is not defined. I added
> protected:
>    unsigned int index;
> to this class to solve the problem.

Incorrect fix.  index is a member element of the parent class.  I don't 
know why GCC cannot see it.  I've had to add explicit qualifiers to 
MySQL++ before to work around these things.  This one looks like a GCC 
bug to me.

> My compiler showed several warnings - one for all the #pragma stuff
> that was added for the benefit of windows users using Visual C++. I
> had to comment out all the #pragma stuff to get rid of the warnings.

Instead of hacking those pragmas out -- which are necessary on some 
platforms -- why don't you send me a patch to platform.h (nee' 
mysql++-windows.hh) that will allow the MinGW GCC to skip those pragmas? 
  MySQL++ doesn't move forward on platforms I don't use without patches.

> With GCC 3.4.2, I also got the warning that <strstream> had been
> deprecated and to use <sstream> instead. 

This has been fixed since 1.7.19.
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