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From:cgifalco Date:November 10 2004 8:56pm
Subject:Result constructor
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Hello MySql++ gurus,

here is the snippet of the code from the
try {
Query query = con.query();
query << "show databases";
Result res =;
it works OK, but when you then write
query << "show tables";  //here could be another query string
res =;
catch (BadQuery& er)
programm issues error message
catch (BadQuery& er)

But if I write in the second query instead of res =;
this: Result res1 =;
and replace res by the res1 in the next needed code, all is OK!!

If I don't want to store query and use query.execute();, all is also OK

Could you help, please, how to solve this problem?

Regards cgifalcon

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