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From:Warren Young Date:November 8 2004 9:06pm
Subject:Re: mysql++-1.7.21-1
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cgifalco wrote:

>> I have mysql-3.23.58-9 on my Fedora Core 2 and I am not able to find 
>> appropriate
>> MySQL-shared package.

The intention is that you download the MySQL RPMs from, or 
that you rebuild the library from source.

> In the meantime I installed MySQL-shared-3.23.58-1.i38 6.rpm and all is OK.

You've tested the examples successfully?  I'm not sure the binary RPM 
will work against a version 3.23 library.  It is built against 4.0.x.  I 
should probably make that dependency tighter, rather than looser.

Any comments from the lurkers?
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