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From:Warren Young Date:November 4 2004 7:27am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.20
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Major update!  Read this message carefully before upgrading!

     o Collapsed all numbered *.hh headers into a single *.h file.  For
       example, the contents of row1.hh, row2.hh and row3.hh are now in

     o While doing the previous change, broke several circular
       dependencies.  (The numbered file scheme was probably partly done
       to avoid this problem.)  The practical upshot of most of these
       changes is that some functions are no longer inline.

     o Removed define_short.hh and everything associated with it.  The
       library now uses the short names exclusively (e.g. Row instead of

     o Put all definitions into namespace mysqlpp.  For most programs,
       simply adding a 'using namespace mysqlpp' near the top of the
       program will suffice to convert to this version.

     o Once again, the main include file was renamed, this time to
       mysql++.h.  Hopefully this is the last renaming!

     o mysql++.hh still exists.  It emits a compiler warning that the
       file is obsolete, then it #includes mysql++.h for you.

     o sqlplus.hh is back, being a copy of the new mysql++.hh.  Both of
       these files may go away at any time.  They exist simply to help
       people transition to the new file naming scheme.

     o Renamed mysql++-windows.hh to platform.h, and added code to it to
       handle #inclusion of config.h on autotools-based systems
       intelligently.  This fixes the config.h error when building under
       Visual C++.

     o There is now only one place where conditional inclusion of
       winsock.h happens: platform.h.

     o Beautified the example programs.

As always, it is available at
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