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From:Warren Young Date:October 25 2004 4:17pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.19
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I've fixed the problems that required me to retract version 1.7.18.  The 
new changes are:

     o Fixed an infinite loop in the query mechanism resulting from the
       strstream change in the previous version.  There is an overloaded
       set of str() member functions that weren't a problem when query
       objects were based on strstream.

     o Query mechanism had a bunch of const-incorrectness: there were
       several function parameters and functions that were const for
       the convenience of other parts of the code, but within these
       functions the constness was const_cast away!  This was evil
       and wrong; now there are fewer const promises, and only one is
       still quietly broken within the code.  (It's in the SQLQuery
       copy ctor implementation; it should be harmless.)

     o Visual C++ projects now look for MySQL build files in c:\mysql,
       since that's the default install location.  (Previously, it was
       c:\program files\mysql.)
RELEASE: v1.7.19Warren Young25 Oct
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