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From:Sasha Shipka Date:October 22 2004 2:38pm
Subject:Re: using namespace?
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Well, it isn't problem at all. As I wrote it was a test form with loading a data for it. I
resolved it with redefining macro for Row in my code. Simple. I do projects in regular
n-layer manner, with very separated presentation and database layers. I just made a
suggestion for namespaces.
My problem now is accessing data from several platforms (Linux and Windows), with diferent
code pages (latin-2, and win1250). Perhaps unicode and utf8 can resolve this. Anyway I
think this isn't problem for mysql++ to solve.

Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:

While this doesn't solve the original poster's problem, I suppose it 
would help mitigate some of the problems of nuking define_short.hh.

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