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From:Sasha Shipka Date:October 21 2004 10:52am
Subject:using namespace?
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I'm evaluating the use of gtkmm at presentation layer
and mysql++ at database layer in making client apps
for Linux and Windows.
In small test I made, i tried to fill ListView in gtk
with result of mysql query.
gtkmm uses namespaces for their classes so they have
Gtk::TreeModel::Row class, and in mysql++ there is a
macro which converts Row to MysqlRow. So, when I tried
to compile my small test i got: error: `MysqlRow' is not a member of
type `Gtk::TreeModel'

where line 28 is:
Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;

With separation of database and presentation layer
this will be easy solved, but on other cases that can
be a problem.
So, why don't mysql++ use namespaces instead of
In this example TreeModel:;Row and Mysql::Row would
work fine. 

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