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From:Valdir Henrique Dias Leite Date:October 20 2004 7:38pm
Subject:Sharing database between EMBEDDED and MySQL Server
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Hello all,

I have an application that uses mysql embedded (performance 
issues ...).

The app itself works fine, but data adminsitration (issuing 
DDL, DML statements ) is very complicated using C API... 

So, I created an entry in my.cnf pointing to directory where 
database used by embedded is, aiming to use mysql interface 
to perform queries, updates, et cetera.

The problem is: Every changes I make using mysql interface, 
don´t reflect inside embedded scope (for example, inserts 
made by mysql don´t exists in queries run by embedded 

My questions are: Is it possible to have a situation like 
mine ? There is an "isolation" between two aplications 
(mysqld and mysqlembedded) ? May I "mix" scenarios as I 
wonder ? What is wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

Valdir Leite
São Paulo

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Sharing database between EMBEDDED and MySQL ServerValdir Henrique Dias Leite20 Oct
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