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From:Thomas Bergner Date:October 12 2004 1:07am
Subject:Retrieving column data by column name does not work
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Hi everybody!

I searched the lists quite a time for getting some clues for my problem, 
but I cannot find a hint. So maybe someone out there can help me with my 

I just installed the MySQL++ API and tried the first (modified) example:

int main()
   Connection con("test");

   Query query = con.query();
   query << "select * from names";

   Result res =;

   //this puts an empty line to stdout
   cout << "Query: " << query.preview() << endl;

   //this line gives the correct result
   cout << "Records Found: " << res.size() << endl << endl;

   Row row;
   Result::iterator i;
   i = res.begin();
   row = *i;

   //this works just fine: cout << row[1] << endl;
   //this one not so fine:
   cout << row["first_name"];
   return 0;

The DB "test" contains one table called "names" with three columns
0 int id
1 char(60) first_name
2 char(60) last_name

Compiled with gcc 3.3.3 (Debian 20040429) (debian sid, kernel 2.6.5)
MySQL++ API 1.7.17

Output of the above program with col-id:

Records Found: 3


Output of the program with col-name:

Records Found: 3


I do not understand why it works by using the column-id and why I just 
get a plain "a" when using the column name? What stupid mistake do I make?

Thanks for any suggestions && greez from Austria,

   Thomas Bergner

Retrieving column data by column name does not workThomas Bergner12 Oct
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