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From:Tobias Bergmann Date:October 11 2004 7:42am
Subject:Re: Query returns substrings and zero-ints
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My test code is nothing special, it does very basic things like the 
examples. Only the cgi code is different, I wrote something like an own 
c++ wrapper but the error is everywhere.

Meanwhile I compiled mysql++ again with -l32 and -lib32 options. I did 
not find docs for this but a friend told me this makes it 32 bit and 
"make" accepted these options. I also compiled the test program again 
after this but the error is still the same.

The "mysql" console client and mysqlcc on windows work fine btw.

I just wrote another test program and this gets really strange.
The only difference is the query:

    query << "SELECT \""<<argv[1]<<"\" as test";

and it always works like it should:

# ./sqltest2 "This is a test string"
test = "This is a test string" = "This is a test string"
# ./sqltest2 9283749283
test = "9283749283" = "9283749283"
# ./sqltest2 sdlkfjsdlksdflkdsjflksdjlkfj
test = "sdlkfjsdlksdflkdsjflksdjlkfj" = "sdlkfjsdlksdflkdsjflksdjlkfj"

Chris Frey wrote:

>On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 06:43:20PM +0200, mysql++ wrote:
>>I am moving my mysql++ cgis to a new fedora core 2 64bit server where I 
>>compiled and installed mysql++-1.7.17
>I guess the first question to ask is whether the same code works on
>a 32 bit system with the same library versions.
>If so, it might be a 64-bit platform porting bug, and someone with access
>to such a machine would have to debug it.  (I don't have such access)
>- Chris

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