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From:Warren Young Date:October 5 2004 12:11pm
Subject:Re: Warnings
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Marc Sturm wrote:

> i'm using mysql++ 1.1.17 with gcc 3.2.2 and i get a lot of warnings like
> "result1.hh:158: warning: base class `class 
> const_subscript_container<MysqlRes, MysqlRow, const MysqlRow, unsigned 
> int, int>' should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor"

I've never seen this one, and I use GCC 3.2.2 on my main development 
system.  Therefore, what you're seeing is code-dependent.  If you want 
it fixed, you're going to have to track down the offending code and 
provide a patch.

> "coldata4.hh:11: warning: unused parameter `int dummy'".

I'll look into it.

> Is there a patch planned for these warnings?

This library is open source.  It moves forward faster if you help.

> define_short.hh: "#define null mysql_null".
> This did not work with qt 3.1:
> "qt-3.1/include/qgdict.h:203: `mysql_null' is not a member of type 
> `QString'"
> After i commented this line out, it worked fine.

The whole define_short.hh thing is going away someday (it's on the 
Wishlist, anyway), but again, it will happen faster if you help.
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