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From:Warren Young Date:October 1 2004 5:17pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.18
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Changes since the last version:

     o Changed all the strstream (and friends) stuff to stringstream type
       classes.  Let there be much rejoicing.

     o Query object now lets you use store() even when the SQL query
       cannot return a result, such as a DROP TABLE command.  This is
       useful for sending arbitrary SQL to the server.  Thanks to
       Jose Mortensen for the patch.

     o Quote fix in, thanks to David Sward.

     o Renamed undef_short file to undef_short.hh.

     o Gentoo ebuild file is actually being shipped with the tarball,
       instead of just sitting in my private CVS tree since 1.7.14 was
       current.  Ooops....

As always, it is available at
RELEASE: v1.7.18Warren Young1 Oct