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From:René Müller Date:September 22 2004 2:40pm
Subject:Gentoo ebuild
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A quote from changelog:

1.7.15, 2004.09.02

	o Renamed Configure file to, to avoid file name conflict
	  with configure script on case-sensitive file systems.

	o Added ebuild file and ebuild target to top-level Makefile for
	  Gentoo systems.  Thanks to Chris Frey for this.

	o Small efficiency improvements to BadQuery exception handling.
	  Initial idea by Chris Frey, improvements by Warren Young.

I'm sorry, but I downloaded version 1.7.17 and didn't find any ebuilg file.
I also tried 1.7.15, but the file is there missing too.

Can someone tell me, where I find the ebuild file?

Thanks in advance.


Gentoo ebuildRené Müller22 Sep
Re: Gentoo ebuildWarren Young22 Sep