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From:Zahroof Mohamed Date:September 16 2004 4:23pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.17
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Ok. I have installed this distribution and my test application (MinGW)
works. Had the following problems though while compiling (MinGW, gcc, Win
2k): config.h: No such file or directory
C:\ZApps\mysql\include\mysql.h: In member function `bool
C:\ZApps\mysql\include\mysql.h:458: error: too few arguments to function
mysql_shutdown(MYSQL*, mysql_enum_shutdown_level)' error: at this point in file

mysqlpp.dll - 3 error(s), 20 warning(s)

I commented out the line including the config.h file as I could not find it
in the distribution.

The following statement was the source of the next error.

  bool suc = !(mysql_shutdown(&mysql SHUTDOWN_ARG));

I thought the lack of a comma was a typo, but the compiler didn't like the
comma. I had to change the above line to:

  bool suc = !(mysql_shutdown(&mysql, SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT));

to make it work.

Best regards,

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 04:46:06 -0600, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>
> This is a necessary release for those who downloaded 1.7.16 and are
> using it on Linux (or probably any Unixy platform) or want to use
> MySQL++ with beta and alpha versions of MySQL.
>     o Reverted one of the VC++ warning fix changes from 1.7.16 that
>       caused crashes on Linux.
>     o Added a configure test that conditionally adds the extra 'level'
>       parameter to mysql_shutdown() that was added in MySQL 4.1.3 and
>       5.0.1.
> As always, it is available at
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RELEASE: v1.7.17Zahroof Mohamed16 Sep